What should I ask the tarot?


I’ve had a few clients in the past talk about how they’re unsure how to approach requesting a tarot reading. The idea of forming a question or knowing what to ask often hold people back from seeking guidance. Here I’ll offer some advice if you’re thinking of having a reading for yourself, going through what the tarot can help you with and how to get the best out of your reading, because that’s what everyone wants!

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The Curious Chapiteau Lenormand Deck


A vast Victorian big top fills the field on the edge of the village, surrounded by torches which glow in the dark autumnal night. The circus is in town with it’s array of sideshows and performers. People from miles around make their way down to marvel at the acts and hope to win a prize or two!

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Dishonored Tarot Deck

First thing to mention, I have not played Dishonored. These cards apparently came with a special edition version of the game, I bought them from eBay on their own. There must be a lot of character information to back up the major card meanings, however I am viewing this with fresh eyes. This could be a good or bad thing as I don’t have any preconceptions. If you would like character backgrounds of the characters from the game check out the wiki here.

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The Gaslight Parlour Fortune Cards


“The low winter afternoon had slipped undetected into evening. The last strains of the hazy sunlight had waned and the sapphired twilight had shrouded the cobbled street. Outside the tall bay window the indistinct shadows of the lamplighters were giving gentle amber life to the street lights. 

Josephine and her friends hadn’t even realised how many hours had past since they began their weekly afternoon tea. As a natural break in conversation drew on, everyone had felt the mood change. There was a sense of anticipation building, only the gentle clink of fine China cups being placed on their saucers broke the heavy silence.

Eventually Josephine got to her feet and made her way to the window, drawing the weighty velvet curtains. She made her way around the parlour lighting each lamp, creating new hosts of shadows with each new flame. The other ladies present began to shift and congregate more tightly around the large lace topped round table they were nestled at. One attendee cleared the silverware and crockery to a nearby trolley.

When there was eventually enough light to see by, Josephine returned to her seat at the table. Each eager eye was on her every move as she reached into an old, finely engraved silver trinket box and removed a deck of cards from it’s silky, midnight blue heart. One young, blonde lady who was edging in her seat fought for Josephine’s eye contact, she wanted to be the first to ask the cards her pressing questions of the heart. After a ritual of shuffling the old cards in silent focus, Josephine looked up and nodded slowly towards her. The Gaslight Parlour cards were ready to tell.”

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Le Petit Cartomancien card descriptions 1-20

As I couldn’t find descriptive information on this deck when I initially bought them, I decide to create some along with translations on the verses on the cards themselves. I personally struggled with there being so many people cards but understanding the verses helped me develop my connection with them. I will add 21-36 soon!

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Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards – Julia Parker


Excuse the damage to the front of this box, however it was picked up by chance from a charity shop and arrived with me like this. I had seen this card set around many times and my interest was piqued already, so I decided to pick it up. I have had an interest in learning to do fortune readings with playing cards for a while, as well as my obvious passion for fortune cards and gypsy traditions.

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